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Manyam v The State of WA [2010] WASCA 107
heard 18 March 2010; delivered 9 June 2010

This is an appeal against a criminal conviction for the aggravated armed robbery of the Sizzler in Innaloo. The prosecution's evidence gives you some insight into the Government's investigation and prosecution of crime.

[Police:] To the best of your knowledge there's a guy standing there with a balaclava on his head with black gloves and a backpack going through a till. Is that something that could be you?
[Appellant:] It could be me, yeah. There's nothing that proves to me that it's definitely not me otherwise I'd be jumping up and down pointing at it.
[Police:] Right. So that's something that could quite easily be you, wearing a balaclava, taking cash out of a till?
[Appellant:] It could be me. I can't see - I can't see any features there that would without a doubt prove that it wasn't me, put it that way.

The case against the appellant was circumstantial and the way he responded to police questioning was a factor in his conviction.

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